Case Study

From 2005 to 2010, IEM provided a comprehensive package of recruitment, admissions and student support services to a multi-campus, private university based in California seeking to increase its international student population.

Throughout 5 years of the partnership, IEM invested an estimated total of $4.5 million into various marketing and advertising campaigns to brand the partner university and to promote its programs in the US and overseas markets. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of applications and enrollments.

Proven Success - Processed Admissions Applications and New Enrollment







Through close collaboration between the university and the IEM team of professionals housed at the university’s campuses, a number of large scale projects were accomplished:

  • Increased international student enrollment by over 500%
  • Recruited and serviced over 2,500 international students at all campuses
  • Developed a pre-master pathway program
  • Re-structured English Language Program (ELP)
  • Established a homestay and university residence programs
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive student orientation program
  • Increased graduation rate from 74% to 91%
  • Established a scholarship fund for international students
  • Created over 100 on-campus jobs for international students
  • Developed a support services program to include activities, clubs, sports teams and various workshops

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