Why Partner with IEM

Why Partner with IEM - Prosper Through Collaboration

As international competition intensifies and resources become scarce, finding ways to collaborate, innovate and provide the best opportunities, services and value for students has never been more important.

Globally-minded institutions understand that opening doors to international students brings diversity and unique perspectives to the learning environment as well as results in increased revenue.

However, in order to compete and increase international student enrollment where the return on investment is greater than costs, institutions must spend millions of dollars annually, time and resources to bear the fruits of labor. Very few institutions can afford to invest at such a large scale while balancing the responsibilities associated with running an academic institution.

In addition to a significant upfront capital, IEM’s partnership model presents institutions with a unique opportunity to:

  • Expand global reach and promote brand positioning overseas
  • Enhance efficiency in the recruitment, enrollment, and student support services processes
  • Increase international student enrollment
  • Introduce new academic programs to meet market demands
  • Promote study abroad opportunities
  • Encourage relevant links and partnerships

Utilizing the resources of a private sector partner, while retaining full control and management of academics, institutions are able to provide first-class education and an unforgettable student experience.

If you are interested in discussing a partnership opportunity, we would enjoy a visit to your academic institution, participate in a tour of your campus, meet with your faculty and staff, and learn more about your needs and future international plans. Please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.  We look forward to working with you!

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