Marketing and Recruitment

Marketing & Recruitment - Combining Quality and Reputation
IEM’s marketing and recruitment network is one of the largest in the field of international education. With 5 country offices and nearly 3,000 well-trained and managed agents worldwide, IEM is able to access every major student recruitment market.

The IEM marketing and recruitment model provides our partner institutions with the following benefits:

  • Access to financial resources to implement various marketing and promotional initiatives for student recruitment
  • Powerful international branding and positioning in each overseas market
  • Professional representation and wide international exposure at educational fairs
  • Sophisticated technology system to streamline and manage the recruitment process
  • Increased enrollment of qualified students

Through regular communication and on-going training from IEM’s Corporate Headquarters and country offices, IEM’s global network of agents provides prospective students with timely and accurate information on various academic programs. Adherence to all professional guidelines for ethical recruitment and overseas educational advising is practiced at all times.

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