Student Services

Student Services - Providing Powerful Tools for Success
IEM’s experience indicates that institutions that provide students with consistent, compassionate, and efficient services maintain the competitive edge by retaining students.

The primary goal of IEM’s dedicated staff is to collaborate with our partner institutions to develop or enhance the existing on-campus support services for international students in the following areas:

  • Pre-arrival guidance and counseling
  • Post-arrival orientation
  • Immigration
  • Residence life and housing
  • Student events and activities
  • Student associations
  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Community involvement, volunteering, and cultural immersion programs
  • Career and Professional development
  • Alumni networks

By working closely with the partner institution’s administration, faculty and staff, IEM strives to provide every international student with a holistic student experience to exceed their expectations and fulfill their personal and professional growth. Our staff brings years of experience in international student advising, overseeing various student committees, implementing student retention initiatives, liaising with faculty and staff, as well as local communities, to promote international student programming, and partnering with international alumni.

with joy and gratitude. She was recently told where she could easily study using online assistance. She told later on that It was the best day of her life.