Why Choose IEM?

We are responsible to many constituents, adding value in every direction we operate.

We understand the value of developing academically, culturally, and socially as well.

We know our students, respect their individuality, and offer lifetime academic support.​

We understand our parents and the challenges of sending your child to a foreign country.​

Why do parents and students choose IEM?

At International Education Management, we are committed to the fulfillment of each student’s academic success and personal growth. Our rigorous expectations and corrective student management service ensure measurable results in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Parents are kept abreast of their child’s performance as International Education Management employs consistent, detailed and effective communication between the students, respective high school, and host family in the United States.

“As a parent, I know how important it is to ensure that students receive the best possible education. IEM understands students’ needs and academic aspirations. IEM provides students with the necessary tools to improve English, be academically successful, integrate into American culture, and grow during their time on the program.”
Mr. Scott Marshall
Headmaster, The Rock Academy

Why Do Schools Partner With IEM?

To any student or parent considering the transition from their home country to a United States high performing high school, the process appears promising and rewarding, but also lengthy and arduous.

International Education Management understands that significant effort is required to agreeably and comfortably bring an international student to one of our partner high schools. With a knowledgeable and nurturing student services staff, International Education Management addresses every step of the transition process, offering exceptional support and satisfying results.

Our detailed and thorough network of support, communication and expertise ensures successful transition, and alleviates stress for both parent and student. Our multifaceted student services are designed to guide our students from recruitment to graduation and beyond.

We value our partnerships with our parents, our students, and our partner schools.

We know firsthand the intimidating challenge of having to adapt to a new culture and language.​

Why Students And Parents Love IEM


Huiyu (Jiaxing, China)

9th grade student from the Rock Academy

“I really like the extra support that the Rock Academy gave to their international students. The school has many different kinds of extracurricular activities for students to attend. For instance, the Rock Academic provides additional ESL classes to help international students improve their English, so we can adjust ourselves to the environment faster.”


Youhan (Fuzhou, China)

Graduate from Pacific Ridge School*

“Under the guidance of IEM staff members, I had the chance to interact and explore American culture with host families and American friends. Despite the fact that I already graduated from the program, the staff members are still my mentors and counselors. Whenever I have been in need, I know I can contact my mentors at IEM.”

*Now Attending Virginia Tech University

Angelika from Poland

Angelika (Poland)

Escondido Charter High School Graduate

“I would like to thank IEM for finding the right school and family. IEM listened to my suggestions and accommodated my needs when placing me with my host family and into a school. I enjoyed my time studying in San Diego and would recommend this lovely city to any new coming students.”

We assist our students in reaching exceptional academic goals.

We aid in students realizing outstanding artistic and athletic achievements.

We help develop lifelong habits that will shape students to be outstanding world innovators.

Make a difference in a child’s life!

Families are desperately needed to host minor international students for this upcoming school year. Compensation is provided for Host Families.

$100 PAYMENT per referral to anyone who refers a family that successfully begins hosting with us.