Why High School in San Diego, California?

The World’s best springboard to an American university

266 sunny days each year on average

Home to the famous San Diego Zoo

Perfect 24° average temperature (75° F)

One of America’s most welcoming cities & safest, San Diego is where being happy, healthy, and fit are ways of life.

International Education Management has chosen San Diego for its corporate headquarters due to the overall safety of the city. According to U.S. News Travel, San Diego is regarded as a safe city, especially when compared to other larger cities. 

Of California’s three largest cities, San Diego is widely acknowledged as offering a slower pace of life enjoyed by a family-friendly population. 

San Diego residents are accommodating and eager to help international students who wish to make the most of their American education.

A Wide Variety of Elite High Schools to Help Challenge Your Learning Experience

Many Renowned Universities in the Top 1% of the World

8th Largest City in the United States

Educational Opportunity

According to US News & World Report, California is home to the highest number of top high schools and universities in the United States. Due to the abundance of universities in California, high schools actively prepare students for the college environment. 

The California high school system closely emulates that of a college setting. 

As such, the transition from a California high school to an American university is an astonishingly smooth one – especially if using the California Community College system as a stepping stone to a California four-year university. 

Hence, the true advantage of a California high school education is the ease of adapting to the college setting, and the diversity of options available at every level of academic ability.

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Balboa Park is America's Largest City Park.

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