Pre- High School Program

Program Overview

International Education Management’s Pre-High School Program is designed to assist international students in acquiring the language skills needed to succeed academically, develop the social skills required to adjust and adapt to a new culture, and provide the tools necessary for dealing with the emotional stress of living in a new environment.

Reading & Writing Comprehension
Oration & Presentation Development
Cultural, Communicative, & Social Skills
Trips to Experience American Culture
Student Experience

Program Length

6 - 8 Weeks

High School Classes

Get a head start! Our program provides students with an introduction to High School classes, so that students are familiar to High School topics.

Culturally Enhancing Activities

Make friends from different diverse backgrounds, celebrate life, enjoy shopping excursions, and take a dip in the great pacific; students will attend a variety of American activities during their stay in San Diego.

Physical Education

Located in beautiful San Diego, students will have many opportunities to work off any buildup stressors while enjoying the scenic views San Diego has to offer.

Test Taking Strategies

Whether you’re a high school student or attending college, tests cannot be avoided. Learning proper note-taking, studying and test taking strategies are vital component of academic success.

Effective Communication Skills:

Learn public speaking skills and understand the importance of communication strategies by having the tools to communicate effectively either in a formal or informal setting.

English Classes:

Our program will provide English proficiency training so that students are adjusted socially and academically.

Homestay Program

Students will live with a host family and share in their daily activities. Spending your days as a typical preteen, students will play sports, see films, get involved in host family’s activities, or perhaps join them during their holiday travels.

Lifelong Memories

From engaging classes to waterpark excursions, the program will fosters friendship, awareness, and personal growth! Each student learns and experiences new customs, cultures and styles and is better prepared for life’s many journeys.

Q International School

The Pre High School Program is held at Q International School, an English school located in San Diego, California.

The students will have daily interaction with students from all corners of the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia, Korea, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Italy, France and many more.

Make a difference in a child’s life!

Families are desperately needed to host minor international students for this upcoming school year. Compensation is provided for Host Families.

$100 PAYMENT per referral to anyone who refers a family that successfully begins hosting with us.