University Counseling

At International Education Management, we understand the daunting task of choosing a college in the United States.

But rest assured, you are not alone in this process. Our advising team has extensive years of experience working in higher education sectors of: admissions, enrollment, recruitment and counseling. 

We know our students, respect their individuality and will support them in the college application process. In collaboration with schools, students and parents, International Education Management has a proven track record of matching our students with their ideal colleges.

Step 1

Assisting our student’s in the application process.

Step 2

Providing workshops for entrance examination test preparation.

Step 3

Providing workshops for college essay writing.

Step 4

Refining our student’s academic portfolio.

Step 5

Individualized university advising meetings with each of our students.

Step 6

Meeting with college counselors to develop a systematic plan with student college interests in mind.

Your Pathway To University

9th Grade

  • Establishing familiarity with United States higher education system

  • Emphasis on reading comprehension, writing skills and analytical ability

10th Grade

  • Emphasis on test technique and strategies, reading and writing, vocabulary expansion and analytical skills

  • Begin to compile a student portfolio for college admissions

11th Grade

  • Complete all required tests for college application

  • Understanding of college application process and academic standing

12th Grade

  • Prepare documents for college applications

  • Submit college application

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